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House Warming Brunch


Photographs by Jenny Liu.

I’ve mentioned before that I moved to San Francisco in January. It’s been an incredible change of lifestyle and I’ve had a great time walking around my neighborhood, trying new restaurants and living closer to dear friends.



Bit by bit my apartment has been becoming more “me” and feeling like home. And what has really helped me settle in has been hosting friends this past month – best friends from college stayed with me for a weekend and then Jenny came to visit from Vancouver, BC…staying up late chatting, cooking breakfasts and playing tourist in the city has made a huge difference in helping me feel good in my new digs.



In honor of Jenny’s visit, I hosted a small housewarming brunch with Melissa and Lucila. It was a spectacularly sunny, warm morning in San Francisco so we ate outside on my porch surrounded by bougainvillea. Melissa brought some beautiful natural wine that we paired with Health-Ade kombucha for a fun twist on the bellini. I created my favorite smoothie, Melissa’s Sweet Greens (recipe here) and Melissa brought her amazing pink pancakes served blini style topped with greek yogurt and smoked salmon.

Summer fruits were just coming into season and we hit the magical moment where apricots, dark cherries and sweet strawberries were all perfection at the same time – no more prep needed than piling in a bowl.


What are your favorite ways to settle into a new home? What are your go-to brunch dishes?

Photographs by Jenny Liu Photography.

The Multitasking Wardrobe: a Little Lace

Photography by David Kim.

I’ve talked before about how much I like to wear items that can double-time from work to weekend. One of the things I’ve enjoyed recently has been renewing my lingerie wardrobe, with Agent Provocateur being at the top of my list. Given that their pieces are unusual in design, they require special consideration to wear. While the … Continue Reading →

A Place Like Home


At age 14 I visited Italy with my mother. It was a magical trip filled with delicious food, interesting/beautiful sights and sweet moments for us together. I was hooked. Five years later at 19 I chose to study abroad in the Northern Italian town of Modena, home of balsamic vinegar and birthplace of Ferrari – … Continue Reading →

A Day in Florence, Italy


I’m fresh back from a dreamy vacation in Italy. I spent much of the time in Modena (more here) and in Tropea (more here), but for my last day I took a solo trip to Florence. Just 1 hour by train from Modena, I was able to leave after breakfast and return in time for the evening … Continue Reading →

What to Wear: the LBD


Dresses are a fantastic solution for a multitude of work situations. I recently had trustee meetings in Southern California and was delighted to find this number by DVF. It’s got the structure I generally look for in workwear thanks to a thick fabric and strategic seams, but the ruffles at the bottom of the skirt add … Continue Reading →

What to Wear: Feeling Spring


My love for all black looks has been well documented on the blog. Black just works for work – I always feel sharp and appropriate, be it in a black blazer or black blouse and trousers…but with how incredibly beautiful the weather has been in San Francisco of late, I’m making a concerted effort to … Continue Reading →

The 3 Coats You Need Living in the City


I mentioned here that I’ve recently moved to San Francisco from Silicon Valley. I’m having a great time and learning how to adjust my wardrobe for City living. Coats are without a doubt a necessity in San Francisco – between the chilly wind or fog coming in off the Bay, there’s almost always a need … Continue Reading →

City Living


I’ve recently moved to San Francisco from Silicon Valley. I can add living in the City to the growing list of things I never thought I’d do…and love. Growing up in a small town in Northern California, San Francisco was “the City” we’d visit for special shopping trips or after a weekend with my Grandmother in … Continue Reading →

What to Wear: a Belted Blazer


Suits are a reality for many of us when it comes to work, like it or not. Thankfully there are often great appropriately fashion-forward options from places like Zara, H&M and Express. I scooped up this belted blazer because I loved the shift from a usual one-button style. The belted waist gives the shape a needed … Continue Reading →

Sweater Weather Uniform


When it’s cold outside, I have a hard time getting out of the house for work. And I live in California! I can only imagine how you in other parts of the country and world feel…When I was in Vancouver, BC over the holidays I got a little taste of what winter really is with … Continue Reading →

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