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2017: Starting out Clean + 3 Tips for Quitting Caffeine


Clockwise from top left: fresh trout from GoodEggs delivery; working out with CG at Basecamp Fitness in Burlingame, CA; getting used to my new non-coffee morning drink.

Happy 2017! I hope the New Year has welcomed you and that all’s going well…

I’m not a big believer in New Year resolutions. Or in cleanses for that matter. Both have always just felt so cliche to me – like, why wait until the New Year to do things better? Though I am a huge fan of the Goop annual cleanse that comes out about now, I’ve never actually done a cleanse myself. Instead, I opt to eat what I would call healthy like 90% of the time.

That being said, my love of coffee and alcohol have been well documented on Snapchat and Instagram. This past year has especially seen me indulging regularly in cocktails with CG and daily coffee runs to Coupa Cafe (goodness their spicy Maya mocha is amazing!!) and extra caffeine hits when I’m on the road for work…

So when a friend of ours started talking about her upcoming 21 day cleanse over dinner the other night, CG and I got to talking about doing something, too. After throwing around a few ideas, we landed on the Freeman Formula – a program CG has done in the past and loved. Though more centered around body building than I’d opt for, the basic premise of the program sounded right to me: eat 5 meals a day consisting protein (fish and chicken primarily) and fiber-rich vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus) with the first three of the day containing complex carbs (sweet potato, oatmeal, brown rice) as well as cutting out all added sugars and fruits along with alcohol and – the real kicker for me – caffeine. The idea is that you keep your blood sugar steady and fuel your body to run properly.

The thing for me about cleanses, it turns out, is that doing them alone, I never had the proper motivation to stay on the program. It was a slippery slope for me allowing one cup of coffee and then one glass of wine and then just doing whatever I wanted. Having CG doing it with me and holding me accountable has made a total difference. We agreed to do it strictly – no cheating – for two weeks.

The first day without coffee I thought I wasn’t going to make it. Luckily I figured out a few tricks that have made it easier:

  1. Keeping the ritual of drinking something warm in the morning has been super helpful. At first I was drinking herbal tea but quickly adopted the Warming Latte from the current Goop cleanse. I sub many of the non-spice powders for Brain Dust from Moon Juice. Of all the powder combinations I’ve tried (and there have been many) this is the one that I feel actually makes a difference. I feel more awake, energetic, etc.
  2. Drink so so much water. I already drink a lot of water every day, but flushing my system with extra water, I believe, helped me not get headaches and maintain energy those first few days. I was still sleepy – I had the luxury of going home for a nap at lunch – but it was survivable. And honestly, I wasn’t that much more tired than I am normally from waking up at 5:20 am. : )
  3. Which brings me to the last point – I had been getting just 6 or 6.5 hours of sleep a night. That isn’t enough in general, and certainly not when you are trying to change how your body uses energy. I’ve started using the “Bedtime” feature on my iPhone – I say what time I need to wakeup and then I move the clock to where it shows me at least 7 or 8 hours…early in the night as that might be, I have felt much better following it and getting more rest.

What are your tips for going off a substance or through a cleanse program? Do you like them? I’d love to know.



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