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Power Lunch: Tips for Success

Delfina3My job is mostly external-facing which means I dine with clients  regularly. Sharing a meal can be a great way to connect with people…but it can be tricky, too! Keep the below tips in mind and you’ll have an enjoyable and productive time.

Tips for business lunch success:

1. Keep your outfit simple: there will be enough distractions at the restaurant with the food and other people, so wear something that doesn’t call attention to itself. Make sure not to wear anything too low-cut. Ever for work, but especially not now. Check if that scoop-neck you are wearing under your blazer gives a peek when you bend to reach for the bread or a document in your bag.

2. Skip the salad: and most green things on your plate. It’s just trouble. Salads get stuck in teeth and are tricky to get in your mouth right. Once I thought I was in the clear only eating the broccoli that came with my salmon – wrong move. I had a giant broccoli floret  in my teeth at the end. : (

3. Be a mirror: mimicking is a proven technique for building personal connection with others. From what your companion orders – or recommends for you – to how they eat their food, you’ll do well to follow their style. Order a sandwich, tacos or pizza? Wait for them to start so you know if you should dive in with your hands or a knife and fork. Use what they use – that’ll level the field and put everyone at ease.

Last but not least, remember to smile! Along with the work you are there to accomplish, enjoying good conversation in a nice atmosphere is an important part of the experience, too. 

Dress: Trina Turk, Heels (gifted) Prada, bracelet: J Crew

Delfina in Palo Alto wearing a Trina Turk dress,  (gifted) Prada heels and a J Crew bracelet.