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Women Crush Wednesday on Not-Skinny-Not-Rich

IMG_3066One of the best and unanticipated parts about blogging has been the great community of women I’ve discovered. So often in life, it feels like women tend to be pitted against each other, but that has just not been my experience in the blogging world. I recently had the pleasure to meeting Danyelle of the blog Not Skinny Not Rich in person. I was so taken by her poise, great questions and striking beauty. It wasn’t a surprise to learn that she has worked as a sports-anchorĀ (she is incredibly well-spoken).


Danyelle of the blog Not Skinny Not Rich looking fab!

I’m totally excited to be featured on her Women Crush Wednesday (#wcw) this week. Head over to her blog to check it out!


Outfit details here. Photos by David Kim.