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What to Wear: to a Business Dinner

Business dinners can be an important piece of the work equation, but it can also be a tricky area. You want to connect in a different way than an office meeting allows, but you want to keep the feel professional and focused on any business you need to take care of. Early in my career I read this article from the Wall Street Journal which highlights the delicate nature of the business dinner. It has shaped how I think about dressing for such occasions.

_K2_1470Dresses are my go-to look much of the time, and they can be a great choice for a work dinner (as seen here). This dress has a few key features that make it suitable for this situation: first, it has a low hemline and a high neckline (importance of this is discussed in the WSJ article above). The dress if formfitting, but it doesn’t show too much skin. Additionally, the arms are covered. For a work dinner, arms should be full or partially covered  – the only time I wear sleeveless dresses for a work dinner is in Singapore because it’s just too hot otherwise!


_K2_1315Finally, in terms of accessories, I generally keep things simple – just a colorful bracelet here – and the bag should be large enough to hold any documents or materials I need for the meeting. What are your go-to looks for evening work engagements?

_K2_1515Photograps by David Kim