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What to Wear: Sweater Weather

Cold days call for cozy attire: J Crew sweater on sale; J Crew wool trousers; (gifted) Prada heels; Kate Spade bag (similar here)

Cold days call for cozy attire: J Crew sweater on sale; J Crew wool trousers; (gifted) Prada heels, similar here; Kate Spade bag (similar on sale here); necklace from Leaf and Petal.

On chilly winter days, I just want to curl up at home on the couch with my dogs and a bowl of something warm and full of carbs. Sadly, work doesn’t usually allow for that!

The right sweater, though, can make up for the need to leave the house. This thick, comfy one from J Crew (on sale!) does the trick. Paired with (again) J Crew cropped wool trousers, I’m out the door and feeling good.

Necklace by

A few other great cozy sweaters here, here and here.

Cream colored pants are a new thing for me. As anyone who has visited me at home knows, I have two big very fuzzy, shed-prone dogs. Their light colored hair gets everywhere! Not cool for someone who mostly wears black. : / Despite carrying around a lint roller almost everywhere, I still end up covered in fluff. So I’m working on transitioning a bit more to lighter colors…and I actually love it! Clearly the wardrobe stylist for Olivia Pope was really onto something.

A note on my photos: I take all my own pictures. It’s incredibly tricky and it’s quite a spectacle to observe…and I often don’t quite make the shot! Here’s one of my recent “oh no I’m not going to make it” pictures. : ) I’m always curious how bloggers take their amazing shots. I don’t know much about photography but am learning as I go. If you are a photographer, I’d love to hear how you learned to compose a shot and what your tricks are!