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What to Wear: Pineapple Shirt


Top by Amor Vert, J Crew pants, Kate Spade bag and necklace.

Around this time in the summer I tend to run out of steam for work. This year is no exception – between the warm weather and being just inches away from the longest vacation I’ve had in my adult life, I’m struggling to take things seriously.

mypowerpose7.20-27So I figured, why fight it? Though I’m completely against casual wear in the office (more here), this top strikes a balance of fun and office-appropriate. It is made of silk and covered with the ‘it’ fruit of the summer: pineapples! With this touch of whimsy, I can’t not feel happy. Plus, because it’s made of silk, it’s ultra comfortable and easy to wear in the heat.


mypowerpose7.20-66I’ve paired it here with khaki pants and understated accessories in order to keep things workplace ready.

mypowerpose7.20-62How does August feel for you? Any end of summer trips coming up? As a side note, have any of you seen the movie Trainwreck? If so, I’m sure you now get the same chuckle from “pineapple” as I do! ; )


Photography by David Kim.