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What to Wear: Mid-Heel Pump + Classic DVF

Classics: DVF wrap dress, simple heels and a great diner!

Classics: DVF wrap dress, simple heels and a great 50’s diner.

High heels are amazing. Wearing them makes me feel tall, sleek and confident. As long as I can walk in them. There is nothing worse not being able to walk in your heels – it completely negates the benefits! How many times have you seen (or been!) a woman heading to lunch or walking to a meeting with her male counterparts struggling to keep up? It’s terrible.


Carrying my favorite tablet: the Nexus 10!

That said, I’m not ready to turn my look over to fully sensible options. Some time ago, Harper’s Bazaar featured an article on the mid-heel pump as the next hot thing, pointing to women like fashion darling Alex Chung who wear them with grace and style. So, I decided to give these a try. At just 2 ¾ inches high, these heels are the lowest I own. And yet they manage to be elegant and give me all the same benefits of feeling tall and sleek that much higher heels do – plus I can maintain a powerful stride with ease!


The heels are perfect for the office paired with the iconic Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress. Celebrating their 40th birthday, this pattern is one of Diane’s originals. As Jenn describes here, a DVF wrap dress is a great go-to for numerous occasions. It’s an investment – even on sale, these are expensive pieces. But they are something you will reach for again and again…and they are great for travel as they don’t wrinkle! You’ll also always be in good company with everyone from Hollywood A listers to the First Lady wearing the dress. : )