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What to Wear: Classy Casual

Lauren as the perfect classy casual Friday example:

Lauren as the perfect classy casual example!

I am a firm believer against casual workwear and casual Friday. I know it puts me in the minority, but I believe Friday is as much a work day as any other day. I’ve had too many experiences where I’ve been caught in important situations and I don’t look serious when my outfit says I’m already on my weekend. As Kayla mentioned here, sometimes it’s just not worth the comfort to be caught off guard.

Particularly with the short holiday weeks, dressing more casually is very tempting.

My friend and colleague Lauren does a great job of pulling off a casual yet classy look. On a recent Friday, I walked into her office and was so taken by the combination of her dark jeans, riding boots and black and white top, I shanghaied her into taking some pictures for this post. Because the jeans are dark, they look sophisticated and the blazer ads structure and polish. And she happens to be 17 weeks pregnant in this shot  –  way to go Lauren! : )

How do you approach dressing on Friday? Is “casual Friday” something your office culture endorses?