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What to Wear: Black and White

"The coldest winter i ever spent was a summer in San Francisco." Mark Twain: sweater J Crew; skirt Michael Kors.

Out and about in San Francisco: Sweater J Crew, similar here; skirt Michael Kors.

I once read that black and white registers better than colors in business environments. Something about the contrast and neutral colors helping you to be noticed but not stand out….I’m not sure about the actual science behind that, however I embraced the concept fully. Until quite recently, almost 100% of my work wardrobe was black and white.

SFMe3Don’t get me wrong – I still adore the combination. It’s simple and elegant and my go-to when I’m in doubt. But, in recent months, I’ve been giving the whole notion of color in my work wardrobe more consideration. I’m even considering trying navy instead of black – wild, right?! ; )

SFMe2What are your favorite color combinations for office attire?

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