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What to Wear: a Great Dress

Outfit in one - the beauty of a great dress! Tory Burch Gemma.

Outfit in one – the beauty of a great dress! Tory Burch Gemma dress.

Dresses are my go-to uniform. A full outfit in one, they can be forgiving to changes in your figure and can take you from important meetings to after work cocktails. The highest-ranking woman I know in the corporate world almost always wears a dress – not a suit – for meetings. She looks powerful and appropriate – and feminine.

Strategically placed patterns have a slimming effect.

Tip #3: Strategically placed patterns have a slimming effect.

It’s worth taking the time to find the right style for you. Here are a few ways you can figure it out – beyond simply trial-and-error! ; )

1. Use a body-type tool. One of my favorite brands, MM Lafleur, solves for that with their “Find Your Perfect Dress” tool on their site.  I used the tool and landed on one of my favorite dresses, the Narie, featured here.

2. Go with a wrap-dress. This style looks good on almost 100% of body types. Diane von Furstenberg made the style famous, however other brands, like Banana Republic, often carry versions. Three of my favorites for the office and beyond:

3. Consider the fabric, structure and pattern. For work, it’s best to go with dresses that have quality seaming or use thicker fabrics. This dress by Cynthia Steffe is a great example of how seaming and structure can create an elegant, streamlined look. Patterns, like the Tory Bruch dress I’m wearing here, can help camouflage a multitude of areas you’d like to minimize. As a side note, this dress is one of the most comfortable things I own. Made of thick merino wool, I’ll be able to wear it all winter.

A few great dresses: