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6 Items to Pack: Summer Weekend Getaway

4th Weekend 2

From top left: J Crew hoodie, DVF wrap dress, J Crew shorts.

Over the 4th of July weekend I’m heading to Tahoe to meet friends at this  property (online it looks like it’ll be a sort of summer camp for adults. Bons: it’s pet friendly so the dogs are coming!!). It’s much harder for me to pack for a non-work trip than a work 0ne – at least I have a formula down for those. But this summer I’m finally taking my own advice about the importance of time away from the office, so I’ve been investing a bit in what to wear when I’m off duty.

4th Weekend 1

From top left: J Crew cardigan, AG Jeans, J Crew tank.

Nothing here is ground-breaking or trendy (you can do that with accessories) and the items I’ve featured here are ones that could be packed for a beach weekend as well as a trip to the mountains – the selection is made for places that are chilly in the morning and evening. Of course I’m packing my favorite DVF wrap dress because it’s as perfect for a weekend dinner as it is for a day in the office as well as a Tory Burch sweatshirt tunic (not pictured but similar here). Both are investment pieces that are totally worthwhile in my opinion. I also scooped up a great pair of J Crew’s cabana pants that will work for pool/lake side lounging (clearly I’m a fan of J Crew, but they just make it easy!).

What are your favorite items to pack for non-work travel? I’d love ideas for the rest of the summer. : )