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Wedding Planning & Hitting A Wall

Trying on wedding outfits at home


Flying High

In the initial flurry of activity and excitement after our engagement, I immediately decided on my dress. I knew I wanted sleeves and a long silhouette. I also very much wanted a dress I felt good in off the rack – in every sense. I wanted a cost-effective option and I also wanted to feel good in it the moment I put it on. On top of everything else, I didn’t want the pressure of feeling like I needed to change my body in order to feel good in the dress.

Along with the dress, I found an amazing rehearsal dinner dress,  as well as my post-wedding outfit, a swimming suit for hot tubing/honeymooning and even a personalized all-white workout outfit for around the wedding.  Phew – so much fun and super exhilarating! (Will share those outfits in the future.)

Hitting A Wall

But then total exhaustion hit me. I am a notorious morning person (posts on it here & here). I’ve even been quoted by friends as saying that I couldn’t wait to go to sleep so I could wake up in the morning and workout. Suddenly I couldn’t get up in the morning. And if I did manage to get up and slog through a Tracy Anderson workout, I’d still feel devoid of energy the rest of the day. All I wanted to do was sleep. At a time when I felt like I should be floating on cloud nine and enjoying preparing my body for this fantastic occasion, I was just totally shutdown.

So I eased off. I’ve been through enough life by this time to know to listen to my body. I focused on movement and stretching. I gave in and slept when I needed it and each day I’d hope before turning in that I’d wake up feeling like “normal. I continued my acupuncture appointments and ate the most nutritious, feel good foods possible.

And one day late last week I woke up with some energy again. Not my normal bounds of energy, but energy nonetheless.

Weddings are incredibly special things. They are also, like the marriage, incredibly personal and take a lot of work. Crosby and I are working to determine what form ours will take – I’m now taking some deep breaths and remembering to enjoy the process.

How did you feel planning your wedding? What were your wellness tricks? Would love to know. : )