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Traveling for Work Pt 4: Beauty Tips for the Flight

Flying is one of the easiest ways to end up looking terrible. The dry environment, lack of sleep and change of time zones all work against you looking fresh. I swear the first year I was on this schedule of international trips, I aged more than in the previous three combined. Over time, I’ve developed a routine to help minimize the impact of the trip on my appearance and, bonus, it helps pass some time!

*Also important to note: this routine works well for any flight 3 – 5 hours long, not just on longer hauls. It’s also great to do the night before shorter trips, or trips when you need to already be made-up on the flight. : )

Avocados help you stay hydrated, a challenge when flying!

Avocados help you stay hydrated, a challenge when flying!

This might sound crazy, but I bring an avocado in my bag for long trips. I eat it with the meal service, along with plenty of water and hot green tea. This keeps you hydrated from the inside out.

After meal service, I sanitize my hands and remove my makeup using cleansing wipes. Then I apply some sort of moisturizing mask. This trip I’m using a leave-on moisture mask, but I’ve also used the very popular sheet masks from SK II. I’m clearly not afraid to stand out (I did just eat an avocado, right!) but the sheet masks just look to crazy, even for me.  Next, I apply face oil, an eye mask or rich eye cream, chap stick and finally cuticle cream.

Then I’m ready to sleep. Melatonin, available at vitamin stores and Whole Foods, is a natural sleep aid that works quite well. I take one of those, put on an eye mask and ear plugs and sleep until they tell me we are landing!