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The Couple Who Cooks Together…Has Fun!


There’s something about cooking together – the shared experience, learning, experimentation, and primal comfort – that makes for a fantastic date activity.

Crosby and I love to cook/eat together (as I talked about here, planning the week’s meals is a favorite activity). We first took a cooking class together because of our shared love of Thai Food (he once lived there and I’ve traveled there a few times, plus isn’t Thai Food just awesome??) and our desire to be able to make it at home. Being intimidated by the many ingredients needed, we settled on a Sur La Table class one chilly day in November just after Thanksgiving (when something other than Turkey sounded so good and refreshing!).

Having everything ready and a chef there to answer any/all questions made tackling the new cuisine totally enjoyable. Now we have new dishes in our arsenal and a great shared memory.

Turns out it’s an awesome activity to do when traveling internationally as well as with friends. We made a day of it over the summer in Italy and visited Castello Di Vicarello in Tuscany for a private lesson, I made a Spanish Tapas class at Sur La Table the evening activity when my best girlfriends came to visit in the spring and a group date night activity for a bunch of friends recently for Greek.


Next time you are are thinking about going out to dinner – for date night or another special occasion – consider doing a cooking class together instead. I promise it’ll be more interesting and memorable than any (ok, most) restaurant meal.