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Strategies: Scheduling Success


An executive once told me that out of being a good employee, a good parent, a good spouse and being healthy/looking good, you get to choose two. I think there is truth to that – it is very hard to be at the top of your game in all of these areas at once. But I refuse to believe you can’t give each one a shot!

Schedules are my go-to when I’m trying to balance multiple priorities and I find that feeling good/being healthy helps me with everything else. Here are a few things I do throughout the week to stay on track.

Weekly: Prep Basic Healthy Foods

Kale Quinoa Chicken

I don’t know about you, but I am starving at the end of the day. I want to eat right when I walk in the door – which can lead to some bad choices, unless I have some solid options already prepped. These are my top three staples:

  • Roast bone-in chicken breasts – great to shred and throw in salads, to make quick soup or to pair with the other items below
  • Cook a pot of quinoa  – use as complex carb for the base of dinners or sprinkled on salads…or even heat with sweetener for breakfast!
  • Wash kale and place in a plastic bag in the fridge a with paper towel –  great addition to smoothies, sauteed to top quinoa and serve with the roast chicken



Try cold-pressed coffee. Especially nice in the summer, simply place the normal amount of coffee you would use in a French press, top with cold water and allow to soak overnight. In the morning, press down and serve. Super fast, easy and delicious!



A class – like super popular SoulCycle – can re-energize you mid week!

I find that I’m very motivated on Monday and Tuesday – getting up early, working out, etc. But by Wednesday, there might have been an unexpected late night or travel that has thrown me off my routine. Try to schedule a special activity on Wednesday to keep things fresh. This could be signing up for an exercise class, arranging to meet a friend for a run or walk before work or even making an appointment for waxing or for a blow out…anything that will re-energize you!

What are your tricks for staying on the ball?