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Spicy Aztec Mocha Smoothie

Aztec_MochaMy friend Melissa is an incredible maker of all things good to eat (I last featured her tasty breakfast picks here). My husband and I recently stayed the night over at her home and in the morning she made us the most delicious spicy chocolate drink before breakfast. I was hooked immediately and promptly purchased the special cocoa powder she used in the drink on Amazon. I’ve modified the recipe to make this a full breakfast smoothie – including my morning shot of coffee. The recipe works just as well without the protein powder and coffee for a jazzed up hot cocoa.

Aztec Mocha Smoothie Recipe – serves 1

1 Tbs. RIGHTEOUSLY RAW’S RAWCHOLATL CACAO SPICE DRINK *, or 1 TBS cocoa powder with a pinch of sugar, chili powder and cinnamon added

1 Tsp Maca Powder

1 Tsp Royal Jelly in Honey (or plain honey – Melissa and I both like the added health benefits of royal jelly)

3-4 drops Sweet Leaf Vanilla Flavored Stevia or vanilla extract

1 scoop protein powder, my favorite is Total Vegan Vanilla

1 C. hot coffee

1 C. nut or regular milk

pinch of sea salt

Heat milks with cocoa powder on the stove in a small pot until warm. Pour into blender and combine with all other ingredients. Blend until fully mixed and frothy, being careful to hold the top of the blender down with a towel to protect from the heat.

Pour into a mug and enjoy!

*Righteously Raw can be found online, but also in many healthfood stores. Melissa gets hers from Rainbow Grocery in San Francisco.