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I’m recently back from a two week, four city work trip to Asia. It was filled with incredible experiences (many shared on Instagram) and productive meetings. But it was as exhausting as it was exhilarating – lots of large meals, little time for sleep or exercise and the drain of navigating foreign locations paired with being on a nearly opposite time table has me feeling – and looking – run down.

I talked here  about tips for staying sharp on the road. Below are a few extra tricks I’m using to recover from the trip so I can look and feel like myself again.

Eat. Despite taking my favorite oatmeal with me as a healthy alternative to the extravagant Asian breakfasts, I’m still in serious need of a re-set. While I wont be cutting out coffee, I am doing this clean-food cleanse. I used the GoodEggs web site while still in Beijing to order ingredients to have be waiting for me upon my arrival home. Major win!

Drink. Long flights leave me feeling seriously dehydrated. I turned to Sakara Life’s combo of Beauty Water and Night Water to help my body recover from the inside. Taken just before bed, the night water contains chlorella – an algea – to help the body detox while you sleep. The beauty water is created to be enjoyed first thing when you wake up. It tastes faintly of roses and contains silica, a trace mineral thought to increase cellular regeneration and aid in hydration.

Use. Despite all my preventative measures and focus on face-care while traveling, I still came back looking dull. This Eminence Arctic Berry Illuminating System is amazing. The morning after using Jenny (who was visiting) told me my complexion really did look illuminated and refreshed. Bonus: when you apply the second of the three-steps, it sounds like pop-rocks. Trust me – it’s a fun experience!

Wear. When in doubt, makeup helps fake a bright, fresh look. This great under eye concealer stick and lipstick make me feel human again. I apply both in the morning and again in the afternoon to ensure I’m not showing signs of how tired I am at the end of the day.