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My Mother the Entrepreneur

My mother, as featured in Sunset Magazine circa 1980 in her garden.

My mother, as featured in Sunset Magazine circa 1980 in her garden.

My mother worked outside the home in some capacity throughout my childhood. When my sister and I were small, she ran a floral and landscaping business from our home, using primarily flowers from her own beautiful garden. Even back when she was in college – before there were delivery options like Domino’s or late night snack – she started a small sandwich company, giving late-night sustenance to women in her dorm. (Yes, this was when dorms were separated by gender! Also love this touch: the sandwiches were placed out on a cart and paying was on-your-honor.)

What I didn’t realize it growing up is that my mother was an entrepreneur. She was creative in her methods of business growth, partnering with the local favorite candy maker around Valentine ’s Day to offer a flower-chocolates option to clients. She was resourceful, took pride in what she did and always looked to improve her offerings. Now that she is officially retired, she still brightens people’s days by giving flower arrangements and volunteer landscaping for local organizations.

I am in awe of all my mother friends – both those who work outside the home and those who don’t. I seem to only barley manage taking care of myself…and they fit kids in the mix, too? Wild.

Here is wishing all of you a very special mother’s day. Thank you for serving as such an inspiration, moms!