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Morning Time-Savers

I realize this puts me in the minority, but I must admit: I love mornings. It is my favorite time of day – my husband says I literally wake up smiling. Even so, getting out the door for work in a timely manner is challenging. Here are a few favorite time-saving strategies that will help you maximize your morning – be it to have more time to relax and enjoy the sunrise or spend a few more precious minutes in bed!

1. Have a smoothie for breakfast that is prepped the night before

Night-before prep is key to maximizing your morning time. What takes you 5 minutes in the evening before bed takes at least 10 in the morning, so pre-gathering ingredients for a smoothie will help you exponentially.

Smoothie Ingredients

Smoothie ingredients: Calafia Coconut Almond Milk, Exotic Superfoods Coconut Water, Organic Rolled Oats, Kale, Raspberries, Total Vegan Protein Powder

   My favorite smoothie right now:

  •  Two leaves kale, stems removed
  • 1 C. Calafia Coconut Almond Milk
  • 2 scoops Total Vegan protein powder (hands-down the best protein powder I’ve ever tried. No lumps, even when you don’t blend in blender!)
  • ½ C. Coconut Water (Current favorite found in frozen section of Whole Foods made by Exotic Superfoods)
  •  ¼ C. Old fashioned rolled oats (this really gives the smoothie staying power!)
  • ¼ C. fruit – fresh or frozen (I love organic blueberries, cherries or peaches)
  • ¼ tsp cinnamon
  • 1 shot espresso coffee (Optional – for coffee people, this is a great way to have a one-stop breakfast. It tastes much better than you can imagine!)

Place in a blender in the fridge the night before.  Blend in the morning and go!

2. Plan your outfit for the next day – or the week – the night before 

When traveling, you are required to pre-plan your outfits. Sticking to the same concept when you are at home will save you time and ensure you feel good in what you are wearing. Check the weather, review your calendar to see where your days will take you, and set it all out. Having a general uniform helps, too – more on that later.

3. Invest in great hair products  

RoyalBlowout image

Oribe Royal Blowout saves 5 – 10 minutes and helps your hair look great!

The right products reduce your time and yield maximum results. Seriously. spring for a great blow-dryer such as the Harry Josh Pro Dryer 2000 and pair it with a high quality product like Oribe Royal Blowout or Moroccan Oil. Putting in a bit of extra effort (some say you should do no less than 20 minutes for a good blowout at home!) means you won’t need to wash as often, which saves a lot of time during the week.