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Looking Professional When it’s Hot Outside – But Cold Inside

Missoni sweater vest, Gap button-down top, --- pants, Dolce & Gabbana pumps, Rebecca Mincoff purse, Celine sunnies

Missoni sweater vest, Gap button-down top, Fay pants, Dolce & Gabbana pumps, Rebecca Mincoff purse, Celine sunnies

There’s a reason white was invented: August. I love black – it is my go-to color 11 months out of the year. But then there comes that final stretch of summer where the heat blazes up at you from the concrete and down on you from above.


That’s when it’s time for white. In order to keep things feeling professional, I stick to tailored pieces that stay crisp, even in the heat of midday. I layered on this classic Missoni* vest to add some color interest to the palate – and to keep me warm in the air conditioned office (but the loose knit keeps it ventilated, key outside).


Crosby and I shot these pics along our morning trip to the train station. I loveĀ starting my commute in our neighborhood – you’ll see it a lot more here – and finishing in Palo Alto can’t be beat.


*A note on the Missoni top – and actually most of the outfit. I purchased the vest (nice one here) along with the pants (similar here) and heels at an amazing store called L’Incontro in the Italian town of Modena. Each time I visit I am greeted by Giovanni, a spectacular man who makes me feel like a queen and helps me find special items to take home with me. What I look for are either items that are classics from amazing brands, like Missoni and Dolce & Gabbana, or ones like the pants that feel so incredibly good when you put them on you just never want to take them off. These are investment items that I know will last and take my wardrobe to the next level. When you come across a situation like that, you have to invest!