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How to Wear a Wrap Dress to Work

Worth the investment: a Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress.

Worth the investment: a Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress.

My love of dresses for work has been frequently posted about on this blog. I promise I will move beyond dresses…at least a little. : ) But with the recent post about finding a great dress and also my well documented wearing of Diane von Furstenberg wrap dresses on my Instagram account, I’ve had conversations with a number of women who love the wrap dress but don’t feel comfortable wearing it to work. And if you don’t feel comfortable, it doesn’t matter how good you look. Because a wrap dress can easily be the most versatile and worn dress in your wardrobe, I thought I’d share techniques I’ve discovered over the years to feeling my best in this wonderful style of dress.

Here are my tips for wearing a wrap dress and feeling great!

1. Size up: especially if you go for a DVF dress, the sizes are smaller than other brands like Banana Republic, J Crew or Tory Burch. I wear a 2 – 4, in the brands listed above but I feel best in a size 8 DVF wrap dress. When they are smaller, they cling in a way that feels too sexy for work. and even sizing up, I can still easily wear it for a night out.

2. Shape wear: no matter how much you work out, slipping shape wear under a wrap dress makes everything better. Forget Spanx and get a few pairs of this amazing version by Victoria Secret (yes, they do some things well still). von Furstenberg herself recommends women concerned about the deep v or with larger busts wear a bodysuit, like those by Wolford.

3. Accessories: these always make a difference for an outfit, but I’ve found the biggest shift change in how you are perceived – meaning are you work ready or out for a date – in accessories with a wrap dress. For my afternoon meeting at the Fairmount, San Francisco, I wore simple, lower pumps to tone the dress down and accentuate its simple elegance. I paired that with a gold necklace and bracelet along with pearl stud earrings. Stilettos, hoop earrings and a statement necklace transition the outfit for post-work hours.

DVF Dress Standing

Here, wearing my wrap dress for an afternoon meeting at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco.

Flags at the Fairmont San Francisco, Calif.

Flags at the Fairmont San Francisco, Calif.

Doug joined me at the Fiarmont – classy dog that he is!

Doug joined me at the Fiarmont – classy dog that he is!