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Hey, 2018: a Resolution

A great seeming outfit that ended up being a waste of money. : (

The first week of the New Year has blown by. I’ve had an amazingly long, luxurious time away from the office. We’ve spent the majority of the break hibernating at home together – I’ve cooked us breakfast, lunch and dinner virtually every day and we’ve snuggled on the couch binging on Madame Secretary (and now Ozark) after morning exercise, either SoulCycle together or Tracy Anderson for me while Crosby rows.

My resolution for 2018: don’t waste money. Over the past two years I’ve moved 4 times and my life has shifted all over the map between being single for the first time as an adult to having a boyfriend to being engaged and now married again. I’ve let many items (clothing, dishes, and random decorations) behind, some for the better, but many were left in too much haste. Then there are the pieces bought impulsively – a pair of unneeded heels for a random night out that felt oh-so-important at the time or an outfit that even seemed well thought out but turns out not to work at all, like the one pictured above.

The jacket was part of the Intermix collaboration with ALC and I fell for it the moment I saw the first promo by Chrissy Teigen. But the non-elastic satin of the jacket and cropped silhouette turned out not to be comfortable for travel or daily wear. The jeans, which seemed like a brilliant idea as they are ‘yoga’ jeans and initially felt quite comfortable, ended up with pocket lines that hurt my tush sitting on the 5+ hour flight to NYC. My goal this year is to only buy items I really really love and are thought-through additions to my closet or are tried and true wardrobe basics.

No more waste this year. Spending money is ok, wasting isn’t. What are your goals for 2018? What strikes you looking back at your 2017?