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Hello, 2015! Let’s Get Going!

2015MashupOnly recently did I realize that January and February is when winter really starts. The lights from the holidays are down and, though the days are already inching towards being lighter longer, the trees are bare and the days are cold! It’s a time of year when the only thing I want to do is hibernate, but that is just not a realistic option given the demands of work and life in general. So I try to look for a few treats to put a spring back in my step. Here are a few items/activities that are helping me face 2015 with energy and enthusiasm. I hope you enjoy…and please share how you are starting the New Year off right!

J Crew's silk cami feels fantastic under sweaters and shirts.

J Crew’s silk cami feels fantastic under sweaters and shirts.

1. J Crew Silk Cami – I’ve long worn a cotton cami under sweaters and shirts in the winter, however this year I made the jump to this beautiful silk cami from J Crew. It’s light yet still helps keep me warm and feels delightful under cozy sweaters…and just makes me feel like I’ve got something a bit more sophisticated going on under my apparel!

Tracy Anderson Real Time - best workout I've ever done!

Tracy Anderson Real Time – best workout I’ve ever done!

2. Tracy Anderson Real Time – I’ve shared my enthusiasm for the Tracy Anderson Method a few times…like here and here…with good reason! She creates the most incredible workouts. Hands-down. She recently released a live-streaming service called Tracy Anderson Real Time. This development gives me a new, wildly difficult, workout each week. I get so excited the night before the new workout comes out, I can hardly go to bed early enough so that the morning will come faster and I can spring out of bed to workout. That’s no easy feat when it’s so cold and dark outside! If you’ve never done Tracy’s method before, I don’t recommend this program as your starting point. Check out a few of her DVDs – like this one, Method for Beginners, then move up to Real Time. I promise you will love the results.

Dr. Dennis Gross' incredible Glow Pads!

Dr. Dennis Gross’ incredible Glow Pads!

3. Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Glow Pads – hands-down the best thing that have happened to my skin in recent memory. They promise to deliver on three fronts: reducing fine lines, minimizing pores and evening skin texture to reveal radiant, glowing skin. They nail all three (well, so far I’ve just noticed the minimized pores and better skin texture with the first few uses). I posted here about my weekly facial routine, and this has just upped my game as Ive added it a few times a week. I expect 2015 to be the year of good mid-30s skin!

Goop's incredible annual detox motivates me to try new, healthy-yet-fun recipes after much rich holiday food.

Goop’s incredible annual detox motivates me to try new, healthy-yet-fun recipes after much rich holiday food.

4. Goop’s Annual Detox – I am a serious fan of the blog Goop and the releasing of their annual detox the first week in January is one of the few things that makes me excited for the holidays to end…so I can try their incredible recipes! But I must be honest: there is no way I give up coffee…or half the other things recommended. I treat this more as a renewed clean way of preparing my main meals…I see no need to give up my coffee! : )