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Getting Ready For Summer + the Best Black Top

Photos by Jenny Liu.

Photos by Jenny Liu.

I booked my trip to Italy in June today. There’s something totally thrilling about just booking a vacation: imagining the sun, sand and water of Tropea (more here and here) and the amazing friends and food in Modena (here) that just puts me into another gear.

Theory-top-Jenny-Liu-Hallway2And I don’t just mean excited gear this time. The food and fun and spirits enjoyed during the colder months have taken a toll on my body and left me with unwanted lbs. That doesn’t feel good! In order to stay looking sharp while my favorite items don’t work, I invested in a few forgiving wardrobe items, like this great crepe black top by Theory. I don’t believe in punishing yourself by wearing ill-fitting or cheaply made items when you aren’t at your fittest. Instead, I go for items that will look just as good when I am back down to my fighting weight. (This dress, also by Theory, is incredibly forgiving and surprisingly comfortable.)

Theory-top-Jenny-walkingIn order to get back in form, I prefer a slow-and-steady approach. I’m cutting down on alcohol (it has been nearly daily – sorry mom!), maintaining my daily sessions of Tracy Anderson and making sure I have the proper nutrients with Goop’s new vitamin pack “High School Genes.

How do you prepare for a vacation and/or shake off that extra weight from the winter? Looking for inspiration here! : )

J Crew shirt, Theory top, Paige Denim jeans,

J Crew shirt, Theory top, Paige Denim jeans, Frragamo heels, Tory Burch bag, Celine “Audrey” sunglasses.