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Photos by Augie Chang.

I’ve recently moved to San Francisco from Silicon Valley. I can add living in the City to the growing list of things I never thought I’d do…and love. Growing up in a small town in Northern California, San Francisco was “the City” we’d visit for special shopping trips or after a weekend with my Grandmother in Berkeley. I looked at it as a nice place to visit, but the suburbs were for living in my view. I thought everyone was just drinking the kool-aid saying how amazing it was.



But then…my first night in my new place, I walked out my door into a beautiful evening with the sun bouncing off the clouds and reflecting off the classic painted-lady style SF homes lining the horizon. Just a few blocks away from my house I enjoyed dinner at one of the best Spanish Tapas restaurants I’ve ever been to then browsed a bookstore before ducking into Whole Foods before heading back home. It rocked my world walking everywhere – I was immediately in hooked and realized it wasn’t all just hype. City living is amazing.



While I am not able to walk to the Ferry Building – where Augie and I shot these photos – from home, it is one of my favorite spots in the City, weekend or weekday. Between meetings I love to cross over the visit the shops, grab a quick lunch from Out the Door and inevitability stop at Miette for a few sweet treats.


J Crew sweater and pants, Cynthia Vincent heels, Kate Spade bag.

How do you feel about city vs suburban living? Please feel free to share your favorite spots in the area, SF folks!

JCrew-Sweater-Leopard-Pumps-City-Living14Photos by Augie Chang.