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Italy: Off the Beaten Path in Modena


Modena is a city that is near and dear to my heart. You know by now that I studied abroad here during college and later returned after graduation to hold my first real job: teaching English. It was an experience that changed my life – the people I met (one of my best friends to this … Continue Reading →

Italy: Off the Beaten Path in Tropea

Tropea Square_JCrew Maxi Dress_Travel_Style_Italy

Both when I studied abroad in Italy and when I lived there after college, I focused all my travel time within the country. I had so much fun exploring Italy, I didn’t want to leave to travel other places in Europe. And even still, there are so many places I haven’t seen here! My best friend from … Continue Reading →

6 Hours in New York City

6 Hours in NYC overlay

I’m on vacation. No more school, no more books…for at least two weeks! I’m heading to Italy via New York City and have a 6 hour layover before flying onto Rome, so I thought I’d make the most of of it and have some fun in the City. After much consideration, here are the places … Continue Reading →

What to Pack: Vacation in Italy

Packing pic

I fell in love with Italy on my first trip there with my mother at age 14. I later studied abroad during college in a Northern Italian town called Modena (think birthplace of balsamic vinegar, parmigiano reggiano and Ferrarri) and moved there again after graduating to work as an English teacher. Living there was an incredible experience and I’ve been … Continue Reading →

6 Items to Pack: Summer Weekend Getaway

4th Weekend 2

Over the 4th of July weekend I’m heading to Tahoe to meet friends at this  property (online it looks like it’ll be a sort of summer camp for adults. Bons: it’s pet friendly so the dogs are coming!!). It’s much harder for me to pack for a non-work trip than a work 0ne – at least I have … Continue Reading →

Traveling for Work: Hong Kong

Catherine Okereke, Fashion Blogger

Hong Kong is an exciting, vibrant city. It has an incredible urban feel that contrasts with the surrounding jungle, jagged mountains and the harbor. I’ve mentioned before it’s one of my favorite places to visit and cities for work – the business culture is at the same time classic and elegant yet edgy and hip. Here, longtime Hong Kong photographer Carsten … Continue Reading →

Traveling for Work: Singapore


Singapore is the fourth and final city on my work trip to Asia. And I love finishing here. Perhaps it’s because of the heat slowing everyone down, but the pace feels relaxed in the best sense. The weather is an issue – it’s always between 80 – 90 degrees Fahrenheit with varying levels of humidity (lots … Continue Reading →

Visiting the Great Wall of China


One of the first things other executives told me when I started traveling internationally for work was to make time each day for something non-work related. Even if it was just going out for street noodles in Tokyo at 11 pm or going for a run along the water in Sidney on a 24-hour trip, … Continue Reading →

Traveling for Work: Shanghai


Being in mainland China is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. The scales are just massive – Shanghai completely dwarfs the major cities in the States (26 million people in the city will do that). Coming here, the world feels very big – and I feel very small! It’s exhilarating and intimidating all at the same … Continue Reading →

Traveling For Work: 5 Essential Items

Travel Essentials

Tomorrow I’ll leave for my third business trip to Asia in the past year. (I talked about it here, here and here.) As always, the trip will bring a mixture of incredible excitement and deep exhaustion. I’ll be in 4 cities in 10 days and I’ll spend approximately 27 hours actually on airplanes, much more than that … Continue Reading →