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Best Cookbooks for Weeknight Dinners – post on Stuff-I-Love


My dear friend and fellow blogger, Jenny, and I talk nearly constantly throughout the day. We chit-chat about everything from serious life issues and decisions to the mundane tasks of everyday life…including what to wear and what to make for dinner. When she asked me to do a guest post on my favorite cookbooks, I … Continue Reading →

2017: Starting out Clean + 3 Tips for Quitting Caffeine


Happy 2017! I hope the New Year has welcomed you and that all’s going well… I’m not a big believer in New Year resolutions. Or in cleanses for that matter. Both have always just felt so cliche to me – like, why wait until the New Year to do things better? Though I am a … Continue Reading →

Morning Routine

Cruising around the beautiful Stanford campus.

I love mornings. For me it is a magical time when everything feels fresh. Alot about my mornings has shifted since getting back into an office job after being remote for three years. Below is a look at how I’m starting my workdays. 5:25 am alarm goes off and I hit snooze to snuggle with … Continue Reading →

A Place Like Home


At age 14 I visited Italy with my mother. It was a magical trip filled with delicious food, interesting/beautiful sights and sweet moments for us together. I was hooked. Five years later at 19 I chose to study abroad in the Northern Italian town of Modena, home of balsamic vinegar and birthplace of Ferrari – … Continue Reading →

Winter Breakfast: Updated Cream of Wheat


Almost every morning I have a smoothie (love ones like this  from my amazing friend Melissa) with a scoop or two of the best protein powder. Smoothies like these get me off and running on good, clean fuel and I’m happy knowing I’ve already had a good serving of veggies. But there are some mornings in … Continue Reading →



I’m recently back from a two week, four city work trip to Asia. It was filled with incredible experiences (many shared on Instagram) and productive meetings. But it was as exhausting as it was exhilarating – lots of large meals, little time for sleep or exercise and the drain of navigating foreign locations paired with being … Continue Reading →

Traveling for Work: Staying Sharp on the Road

Travel-ready at SFO.

You know what they say about common sense not being common…well, the same applies to most advice for travel. Yet somehow I need constant refreshers. The basics for staying sharp while you are on the road revolve around eating, sleeping and exercising properly – all simple concepts but they can become increasingly tricky depending on … Continue Reading →

Beauty: Inside and Out


Who hasn’t looked at themselves under to fluorescent lights in the bathroom at the office and felt awful? I swear they can make me look old and tired on my best day (I actually know the CEO of a company that is promising to fix the awfulness of low-energy lighting – thank goodness!). I do … Continue Reading →

California Coffee


I am 100% committed to coffee. It’s one of my favorite parts about getting up most mornings and something I always look forward to. I used to add it in my smoothie, but recently I increased my workout length (with Tracy Anderson Real Time streaming) and realized I needed a pick-me-up before the workout started. That’s … Continue Reading →

What to Wear: Quitting Your Job

DK1_7886 (1)

The importance and delicate nature of leaving a job is often underrated and under discussed. It’s much less sexy than the process of interviewing for and getting a new job (new is always more fun to think about!) but how you handle yourself when leaving a job can have a lasting impact on your life. … Continue Reading →