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Getting Ready For Summer + the Best Black Top

Photos by Jenny Liu.

I booked my trip to Italy in June today. There’s something totally thrilling about just booking a vacation: imagining the sun, sand and water of Tropea (more here and here) and the amazing friends and food in Modena (here) that just puts me into another gear. And I don’t just mean excited gear this time. The … Continue Reading →

New Chapter: Stanford University


This has been the year where everything changes – then changes again. My absence from blogging has been for numerous reasons: 1. I moved to San Francisco (talked about here) 2. I ended my marriage after 13 ½ years (talked about here) 3. I interviewed for and got a job in Major Gifts with Stanford … Continue Reading →

House Warming Brunch


I’ve mentioned before that I moved to San Francisco in January. It’s been an incredible change of lifestyle and I’ve had a great time walking around my neighborhood, trying new restaurants and living closer to dear friends. Bit by bit my apartment has been becoming more “me” and feeling like home. And what has really helped me … Continue Reading →

Coffee Talk: Building a Career


Starting out in the work world, I didn’t have much of a focus. I had a job and a paycheck. Honestly, I thought work would be something that I did until I started a family. Finding a career – something I loved, was good at and could grow in as opposed to just work – … Continue Reading →

11 Questions from Miss May


Last month Justine, creator of the blog Miss May, nominated me along with a handful of other bloggers to share a bit about who I am. I couldn’t have been more honored! This kind of connection – from the other side of the world, nonetheless, is exactly why I’m excited to have this blog. Thank … Continue Reading →

Stay Professional, Look Incredible: Jenny Liu

Girl time! On Jenny: dress, "the Jenny" by MM Lafleur; on me: top by DVF

I first reached out to Jenny, creator of the blog stuff-i-love, about six months ago. After admiring her beautiful photos and enjoying her engaging – useful!  – posts, I thought she might be able to recommend tips for me starting out. I was struggling, particularly with the photography aspect of things, and didn’t know who to … Continue Reading →

The Importance of Downtime


Early in my career, I thought taking downtime was a sign of weakness. I thought it was cool to be online all the time. Work was my top priority and I prided myself on not taking vacations. It wasn’t until I reached a nearly un-recoverable level of burnout that I realized the importance of balance. … Continue Reading →

What to Wear: Classy Casual


I am a firm believer against casual workwear and casual Friday. I know it puts me in the minority, but I believe Friday is as much a work day as any other day. I’ve had too many experiences where I’ve been caught in important situations and I don’t look serious when my outfit says I’m already on my … Continue Reading →

Holiday Gift Guide: What I’m Giving Family and Friends – and Colleagues!


There are many great gift guides out there that have provided much inspiration for me. When Jenny from Stuff-I-Love asked if I’d join her in sharing what I’m giving to family, friends (and colleagues) this Christmas, I was delighted. Gift-giving is one of my favorite things. And it’s actually a key part of my job…but … Continue Reading →

At-Home Facial

FacialMirror Pic

My favorite Sundays are about going no makeup, visiting farmer’s markets, enjoying a family dinner and getting ready for the workweek, both physically and mentally. Ideally, this preparation includes an at-home facial. I rarely splurge on a full spa facial treatment – though I’ll say if you come within even 100 miles of Spa Montage in … Continue Reading →