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Busy Workweek Workouts

Up early at a friend's house and workout ready! Top and pants by LuLu Lemon.

Up early and workout ready! Top and pants by Lululemon.

I used to work out a lot. Like, 50 miles of running, 20 miles of cross training and weights all in one week. I literally did so many push-ups once that I tore all the ligaments in my arms and couldn’t bend them for a week. Yikes!

I don’t have the time – or the drive, to be honest –  for workouts like that anymore. But I do want to feel good in my body. Working out makes me feel confident and helps me focus at work. And I’ve found that, through consistency, not big bursts of time, I can generally keep myself feeling good. No gym needed, so that is even more time saved!

I’m a huge fan of Tracy Anderson’s method, as I talked about here. This is the woman responsible for almost all the amazing bodies of stars today it seems. Though some of her method goes a bit extreme and can be hard to follow, just doing her toning routine 5 times a week will do wonderful things to your body. These are workouts you can do on the road traveling or in the house when little ones are sleeping. This is a great workout to get started with.

Walking is an incredible way to get exercise and very convenient – one of my colleagues at work walks every. single. lunch. Five days a week. Be it cold or hot out – she is incredible! This has kept her the same size as before her two sons were born.

Whatever you like to do  – walking, running, cycling, weight lifting, cross-fit, etc  – I hope you will make the time to do it over the holiday season! January will be better for it… : )