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3 Favorite Ways to Stay Healthy in Cold Season

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When I was young having a sick day was a huge treat. It meant staying home snuggled in bed, perhaps watching TV and having my mom take care of me. That’s no longer the case. As an adult, work and life don’t stop, so even a sick day at home just means doing everything normally done, just not feeling well! : (

Particularly when I started traveling more for work, I noticed I was getting sick more frequently. It’s just not something I could afford to have happen – and it’s miserable. This year I put into effect a number of different strategies to stave off all the germs I was encountering. These are the top three reasons that I think I’ve staved off sickness better this year…knock on wood!

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1. Bone broth/soup
– in case you’ve missed it, ‘bone broth’ is trending at the moment and I couldn’t be happier. Articles like this one in the Wall Street Journal a few weeks ago touting bone broth as the “new liquid lunch” have brought the beautiful substance to popularity on par with kale and brussels spouts, so it’s easier to find great prepared versions around or, as the article offers, good recipes to make your own at home. I swear that including good-quality bone-broth soup as part of my regular weekly meals has helped me fight off sickness, during the colder months in particular. *See below for a funny side note on keeping broth at home. : )

2. Airborne – starting in October, I travel with this in my purse and munch them like candy at home. I swear the effervescence of the soluble tablets works wonders! Can’t recommend them highly enough.

3. Silver biotic
 – forget Zinc (well, not really) and try Silver! When my mother in law first recommend it, I thought the concept seemed really strange. I was skeptical, but true to their claims, it truly seems to boost the immune system and increase energy. Can be purchased through Amazon here:  Silver Biotics, 32 Fluid Ounce. I take a spoonful a day during cold and flu season.

How do you stay healthy during this season? Have you tried any of these tricks?

*Side story on bone broth: years ago when I was first cohabiting with my now husband, I used to use his empty juice containers to store broth, not realizing how similar chicken broth looks to apple juice. Poor guy came in one day and took a big chug directly out of the container, expecting it to be apple juice, as indicated on the label. Oh was that an unpleasant surprise! Be sure to mark your jars properly! : )