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A Fresh Start: Closet Edit

ClosetEditheaderThe end of summer always feels like a time to start fresh. As a child, I remember going back to school shopping in August and carefully planning my first week of school outfits. Though it’s been many many years since I’ve gone back to school, I still feel like I should be choosing a new wardrobe to make a fresh impression.

With workwear, you can outgrow your clothing faster than you realize  – maybe even faster than you outgrow your role. It’s important to step back and recognize how you’ve changed in your career and how that plays into your style. Feeling really confident and powerful in what you are wearing will change how you interact with those around you.

Closet Edit Tips:

1. Create three piles: keep, giveaway, alter. Do this by trying on each item of clothing – take the time to really think how you feel in each item. Consider when you last wore the item and think ahead to when you would plan to wear it again.

2. Be tough: when you are trying on the items, forget how much you paid for the item or how many times you have – or haven’t – worn it! When I stepped back, I realized that the Theory blazer I’d been wearing made me feel dowdy and the brand-new cashmere sweater I’d purchased looked boxy and plain. Moving them out of rotation will help me streamline my wardrobe – and clear the way for something that really fits my style and my work now.

3. Invite a friend: choose someone whose opinion you value to help you with the process and to keep you honest. My husband says advice is what you look for when you know the answer and you just don’t like it. Sometimes you need to hear it from another source! I was lucky enough to have the amazing Nicole Lieberman from NBL styling to help me.

4. Think about gaps in your wardrobe: what is your go-to outfit for important meetings? When do you feel like you don’t have anything to wear? Write that down and keep that list with you when you decide to go shopping.

How are you getting ready for the new season? What items are you looking to add to your wardrobe for the fall?