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6 Hours in New York City

6 Hours in NYC overlayI’m on vacation. No more school, no more books…for at least two weeks! I’m heading to Italy via New York City and have a 6 hour layover before flying onto Rome, so I thought I’d make the most of of it and have some fun in the City. After much consideration, here are the places I chose to visit during my short time on the ground.

How would you spend 6 hours in New York City?

6 hours in NYC driving
6:49 a.m.
Land at JFK – wait for baggage and head to the Bowery Hotel to store my bags. Would be no fun to cart those puppies around! Hotels are magical places filled with help…a good hotel is my go-to for any number of needs when I am on the road for work or pleasure. It can take some work, but more often than not, they do their best to accommodate your needs.6 hours in NYC brooklyn bridge7:45 a.m. Walking the Brooklyn Bridge. This is one of those quintessential experiences that I’d never done – and I’m so glad I did this time! With all the long flights, it’s great to get some movement in plus the bridge is just stunning.

6 hours in NYC Jacks Wife
6 hours in NYC Jacks Wife29 a.m.
Breakfast time at Jack’s Wife Freda. This place first caught my eye in February during New York Fashion Week when Jenny pointed out how many bloggers were going there. We opted to try Buvette, but I vowed to try JWF the next chance I had…and it did not disappoint today!

6 hours in NYC dd2
6 hours in NYC DD110:15 a.m.
Blowout at Dream Dry. Another place discovered during NYFW with Jenny in February – I knew I wanted to return at my earliest opportunity. I love getting a blowout and they do it perfectly at Dream Dry (come to San Francisco, please!!). It was also a great way to refresh after the red-eye and before the next long-haul.6 hours in NYC Juice Press12 p.m. Green juice and plane snacks at Juice Press. My final stop before heading back to the airport is one to get me some solid nutrition for the rest of the journey. Inspired by Laney’s article in Bonberi, I’m doubling down my efforts to stay healthy on flights. I’ve found that European style food works less well for me on flights (compared to the Eastern fare I have when I go to Asia for work), so I’m especially keen to stock up here.