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5 Tips for Workweek Dressing

Winter go-to workweek uniform:

Winter workweek uniform: Theory blazer – on sale!, J Crew sweater – on sale!, J Crew trousers.

I don’t know anybody who doesn’t struggle with what to wear to work – at least sometimes! I really really don’t like feeling uncomfortable in my clothes, especially during the workday. There are enough things to distract me, so feeling uncomfortable or self conscious about my outfit doesn’t need to be one of them. These are a few of the strategies I’ve implemented to get through those hard-to-face-weekdays.

1. Develop a go-to uniform: for me, it’s usually a great dress, or as seen here for winter, it’s a sweater and black trousers or skinny black jeans. With either combo, it’s easy to add a blazer to make the outfit more formal. A note on this particular sweater: I like it so much I have it in four colors. When you find that really great, versatile piece, seriously consider scooping it up in multiples! Helps so much to have variations on looks you feel good in.

2. Anticipate up – and down – days: put thought into what your week looks like. What are the days you need to be “on” and what days can you maximize your comfort? By giving myself built-in variety, I’m more likely to put effort into the days I know I need to look sharp because I know what the rest of the week looks like.

Adding a great necklace elevates the outfit

Adding a great necklace elevates the outfit

3. Gap-filling: take note of times you don’t like your options, make a list of what you’d ideally like to have had in your wardrobe, and keep it handy for when you go shopping next. Right now, for example, I’m in need of the perfect outfit to wear to a business-related brunch and a great pair of shoes/boots to wear to work when it’s raining. I have this written down in my phone under a note called “what I need.”

4. Keep a stash at the office: have a change of shoes and some sort of jacket or cardigan for those times when you either don’t love what you have on, or your plans change and you need to walk farther than expected or it’s colder than anticipated, etc. I keep a pair of my favorite flats (on sale here!) and a long cardigan like this one on hand for emergencies.

Sweater works well without the jacket around the office for a more casual look.

Sweater works well without the jacket around the office for a more casual look.

5. Don’t underestimate jewelry: Curate a collection of jewelry that makes you feel truly special. It has taken me way longer than I care to admit to fully appreciate the power of good accessories, but I think I’m finally coming around. A few pieces that are currently sprucing up my wardrobe: the necklace shown here, purchased at a small store in Palo Alto, Calif. called Leaf and Petal; a sparkly bib necklace, similar to this one; and this simple bar necklace. These have proven to be the easiest pick-me-ups for an outfit!