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3 Tips to Start The Day Off Right


I love waking up and starting the day feeling good. Here are three things I do to ensure that’s the case!

Hydrate. I drink a giant glass of water with a few drops of Sakara Beauty Water concentrate, two teaspoons of Super Elixir and a gooey vitamin C pack. This supercharged drink gets my body going in every way and re-hydrated for the morning. The Beauty Water contains anti-inflammatory rosewater along with silica to help with cell re-hydration ; the Super Elixir helps alkalize the body and reduce inflammation (also, having something green right off just seems like it’s a good idea); and the gooey vitamin C helps the body with collagen production. Fair warning: though the rose water in the Beauty Water concentrate helps this taste better, I don’t drink it for the taste at all. It’s wellness medicine. I grew up drinking Brewer’s Yeast in my morning orange juice – this tastes much better than that.


Next, I drink something warm. Weather it’s coffee or matcha or just hot herbal tea, I love to have something warm in the morning and I always do a big round of superfood add-ins. Even when I’m traveling, I’ll mix this combo up and take in little baggies to keep my mornings on track.

  • 1 TBS Tocos powder – great for skin and nails thanks to vitamin E.
  • 1 TBS Vital Greens Marine Collagen powder – collagen = magic for your joints and helps fight wrinkles, so I take that any way I can!
  • 1 packet FourSigmatic mushroom powder – fantastic for boosting the immune system, I credit this powder for keeping me cold-free all of last winter, even with regular trips to NYC.
  • 1 dash liquid stevia – lowest glycemic index  natural sweetener to help it all come together.

2. Unload the dishwasher. I was recently talking with my dear friend Jenny about what housecleaning chores we do and don’t like to do. Putting the dishes away first thing in the morning was at the top of my “like” list. Clearing out the washer while I sip my morning hot drink allows us to load our dishes after breakfast and it means that there won’t be any additional obstructions to cleaning up after making dinner. It’s an easy “win” in the morning, which (along with #3) just helps getting the positive, productive energy flowing.


3. Make the bed. Even if the house is a mess, it feels disproportionately good to have the bed made. When we are both home, Crosby and I make the bed together. It’s a fun way to connect and accomplish something together before we go our separate ways for the day. If I can recommend just one thing, really, it would be to do this. Trust me – it’s like giving yourself that hotel turn-down service feeling when you come home at the end of the day. It makes all the difference. Try it and you’ll see.

What are your top ways to start the day right? What’s your favorite “easy win” for the morning? Would love to know!