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What to Wear: Cropped Trench

I love the idea of updated classics, even if it seems a little contradictory – shouldn’t classic mean it doesn’t need updating? But in any case, I fell in love with this cropped trench the moment I saw it. Perfect for the early days of fall in California, I adore the swingy, cropped cut of … Continue Reading →

Traveling for Work: Staying Sharp on the Road

You know what they say about common sense not being common…well, the same applies to most advice for travel. Yet somehow I need constant refreshers. The basics for staying sharp while you are on the road revolve around eating, sleeping and exercising properly – all simple concepts but they can become increasingly tricky depending on … Continue Reading →

What to Wear: the Sleeveless Blazer

If there is one fashion-forward item I recommend adding to your work wardrobe, it is the sleeveless blazer. I know I know – I was a skeptic, too, before I tried it. But after wearing a sleeveless trench while traveling in Asia I quickly became a convert and added one to my rotation at the start of the summer … Continue Reading →

Beauty: Inside and Out

Who hasn’t looked at themselves under to fluorescent lights in the bathroom at the office and felt awful? I swear they can make me look old and tired on my best day (I actually know the CEO of a company that is promising to fix the awfulness of low-energy lighting – thank goodness!). I do … Continue Reading →