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What to Wear: Seasonal Transitions

Stores say it should now be fall, but in California, we probably still have at least a month until it starts to actually feel fall-ish. Even though I can get away with wearing summery clothing for work, it just doesn’t feel right. Enter my favorite transitional item: this sweater from J Crew (seen here). It is light weight … Continue Reading →

Italy: Off the Beaten Path in Modena

Modena is a city that is near and dear to my heart. You know by now that I studied abroad here during college and later returned after graduation to hold my first real job: teaching English. It was an experience that changed my life – the people I met (one of my best friends to this … Continue Reading →

Italy: Off the Beaten Path in Tropea

Both when I studied abroad in Italy and when I lived there after college, I focused all my travel time within the country. I had so much fun exploring Italy, I didn’t want to leave to travel other places in Europe. And even still, there are so many places I haven’t seen here! My best friend from … Continue Reading →

6 Hours in New York City

I’m on vacation. No more school, no more books…for at least two weeks! I’m heading to Italy via New York City and have a 6 hour layover before flying onto Rome, so I thought I’d make the most of of it and have some fun in the City. After much consideration, here are the places … Continue Reading →

What to Pack: Vacation in Italy

I fell in love with Italy on my first trip there with my mother at age 14. I later studied abroad during college in a Northern Italian town called Modena (think birthplace of balsamic vinegar, parmigiano reggiano and Ferrarri) and moved there again after graduating to work as an English teacher. Living there was an incredible experience and I’ve been … Continue Reading →

What to Wear: the LBD 3 Ways

The little black dress (LBD) probably gets more play in magazines than anything else, and with good reason. As you will see here, there are almost endless ways to style the piece. In order to breathe some fresh air into this classic staple, I’ve called upon two of my favorite fashionable professional women to share … Continue Reading →

California Coffee

I am 100% committed to coffee. It’s one of my favorite parts about getting up most mornings and something I always look forward to. I used to add it in my smoothie, but recently I increased my workout length (with Tracy Anderson Real Time streaming) and realized I needed a pick-me-up before the workout started. That’s … Continue Reading →

What to Wear: Pineapple Shirt

Around this time in the summer I tend to run out of steam for work. This year is no exception – between the warm weather and being just inches away from the longest vacation I’ve had in my adult life, I’m struggling to take things seriously. So I figured, why fight it? Though I’m completely against casual wear in the … Continue Reading →