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Work Wardrobe Tips from New York Stylist Yael Steren

I recently had a chance to sit down with beautiful stylist Yael Steren in her New York apartment to discuss her work wardrobe bar-raisers. As a former lawyer and finance professional, Yael understands the particular nature of dressing for the office and how to strike the balance between corporate-appropriate and edgy fashion. Here are her top 5 … Continue Reading →

NYFW: Pairing Basics with Statement Items

My strategy for fashion week was to wear almost all clothes I already owned and not run out to buy an entirely different wardrobe. This exercise showed me how many items I have in my work wardrobe that can be styled differently for a new setting. Each day I wore something that I’ve worn to the office. … Continue Reading →

NYFW Look #2 and Chinese New Year

According to Chinese culture, red is considered a sign of good fortune and joy. It is the traditional color for Chinese brides and is also found everywhere in around Chinese New Year…which is today! (Or yesterday, depending on what time zone you are in.) Happy Year Of the Goat. The color red seemed fitting for … Continue Reading →

NYFW Look #1: the DVF Wrap Dress

I’m going to be honest and say I never thought I’d be at New a York Fashion Week. Seriously – it didn’t actually seem like a thing that existed in the real world, only in the world of glossy magazines. But in recent years, with more and more bloggers attending and the advent of popular … Continue Reading →

Spicy Aztec Mocha Smoothie

My friend Melissa is an incredible maker of all things good to eat (I last featured her tasty breakfast picks here). My husband and I recently stayed the night over at her home and in the morning she made us the most delicious spicy chocolate drink before breakfast. I was hooked immediately and promptly purchased … Continue Reading →

Writing an Interview Thank You Note

There are many aspects to think about when preparing for an interview (I’ve talked about what to wear to one here and here). Interviewing can be a tiring experience – from the hours of prep to the adrenaline rush and let down…you might not have much energy left for follow up. However, sending an appropriate, … Continue Reading →

Friday Funday: from Office to Cocktails

Friday poses a tricky duality. It is at the same time a highlight of the week – the release of work finishing can be energizing – but it can often be the day when you have the least mental space and time to focus on your appearance and balancing work demands with after hours plans can be … Continue Reading →

A Walk By The Ocean

A few weeks ago I had a work event at the St. Francis Yacht Club in San Francisco. Situated directly on the water and looking towards the Golden Gate Bridge, it’s always a treat to be there. Before I was “on deck” for work, I took some time to enjoy a walk by the ocean. … Continue Reading →