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Traveling for Work: Making a Hotel Room Better

I’m lucky enough to get to stay in some really really wonderful hotels when I’m on the road for work. But even so, there are times when either the room is dreary or it just feels strange to be away from home. Depending on how long you are away for (consultants, you take the cake with … Continue Reading →

What to Wear to an Interview: Corporate Formal and Business Casual

A few months ago my friend who works at USC tapped me to review the career center’s advice  on what to wear to an interview (check out their finished video, here). This is a topic with almost never-ending variations – I did one of my first posts on the topic with Jenn, here, exploring interviewing for finance … Continue Reading →

Workweek Wishlist: Finishing Pieces

The real art to dressing, in my opinion, is being able to take items that you already have and make them look fresh again. It’s an art that I’ve often not done well at all! But for these upcoming months, I was inspired by this great article (thank you for sharing, Jenn!!) featuring MM Lafleur’s CEO, … Continue Reading →

5 Tips for Workweek Dressing

I don’t know anybody who doesn’t struggle with what to wear to work – at least sometimes! I really really don’t like feeling uncomfortable in my clothes, especially during the workday. There are enough things to distract me, so feeling uncomfortable or self conscious about my outfit doesn’t need to be one of them. These are … Continue Reading →

3 Favorite Ways to Stay Healthy in Cold Season

When I was young having a sick day was a huge treat. It meant staying home snuggled in bed, perhaps watching TV and having my mom take care of me. That’s no longer the case. As an adult, work and life don’t stop, so even a sick day at home just means doing everything normally done, … Continue Reading →

Stay Professional, Look Incredible: Jenny Liu

I first reached out to Jenny, creator of the blog stuff-i-love, about six months ago. After admiring her beautiful photos and enjoying her engaging – useful!  – posts, I thought she might be able to recommend tips for me starting out. I was struggling, particularly with the photography aspect of things, and didn’t know who to … Continue Reading →

Hello, 2015! Let’s Get Going!

Only recently did I realize that January and February is when winter really starts. The lights from the holidays are down and, though the days are already inching towards being lighter longer, the trees are bare and the days are cold! It’s a time of year when the only thing I want to do is … Continue Reading →