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The Importance of Downtime

Early in my career, I thought taking downtime was a sign of weakness. I thought it was cool to be online all the time. Work was my top priority and I prided myself on not taking vacations. It wasn’t until I reached a nearly un-recoverable level of burnout that I realized the importance of balance. … Continue Reading →

What to Wear: Classy Casual

I am a firm believer against casual workwear and casual Friday. I know it puts me in the minority, but I believe Friday is as much a work day as any other day. I’ve had too many experiences where I’ve been caught in important situations and I don’t look serious when my outfit says I’m already on my … Continue Reading →

What to Wear: Sweater Weather

On chilly winter days, I just want to curl up at home on the couch with my dogs and a bowl of something warm and full of carbs. Sadly, work doesn’t usually allow for that! The right sweater, though, can make up for the need to leave the house. This thick, comfy one from J Crew … Continue Reading →

Holiday Gift Guide: What I’m Giving Family and Friends – and Colleagues!

There are many great gift guides out there that have provided much inspiration for me. When Jenny from Stuff-I-Love asked if I’d join her in sharing what I’m giving to family, friends (and colleagues) this Christmas, I was delighted. Gift-giving is one of my favorite things. And it’s actually a key part of my job…but … Continue Reading →

What to Wear: Work Holiday Party

I love the holidays and think that parties this time of year are the best. When it comes to the work setting, it could be the perfect time to break out of your corporate mode and express your festive side. This can be a tricky balance, however, because you are still actually at work, even in … Continue Reading →

Busy Workweek Workouts

I used to work out a lot. Like, 50 miles of running, 20 miles of cross training and weights all in one week. I literally did so many push-ups once that I tore all the ligaments in my arms and couldn’t bend them for a week. Yikes! I don’t have the time – or the drive, … Continue Reading →