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Finding a Great Coat

For the most part, living in California, jackets aren’t a big part of the wardrobe. But moving from Southern California to Northern California last year, the bit of actual winter we have here hit me hard (I know – smallest violin playing for me!). I realized the thin trench coats I had for short trips to … Continue Reading →

What to Wear: a Great Dress

Dresses are my go-to uniform. A full outfit in one, they can be forgiving to changes in your figure and can take you from important meetings to after work cocktails. The highest-ranking woman I know in the corporate world almost always wears a dress – not a suit – for meetings. She looks powerful and appropriate – … Continue Reading →

Fall Trends: Staying Current

One of my biggest fears is becoming dated in the workplace. From how to approach my job to how I present myself, it’s a delicate line between knowing your craft (or style) and being stuck in a time capsule. I don’t have any data to support this, but I believe that maintaining your look helps … Continue Reading →

At-Home Facial

My favorite Sundays are about going no makeup, visiting farmer’s markets, enjoying a family dinner and getting ready for the workweek, both physically and mentally. Ideally, this preparation includes an at-home facial. I rarely splurge on a full spa facial treatment – though I’ll say if you come within even 100 miles of Spa Montage in … Continue Reading →