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Strategies: Scheduling Success

An executive once told me that out of being a good employee, a good parent, a good spouse and being healthy/looking good, you get to choose two. I think there is truth to that – it is very hard to be at the top of your game in all of these areas at once. But I … Continue Reading →

What to Wear: Updated Chambray

There are few items better than a chambray shirt. It’s a wardrobe workhorse that can be tucked into a pencil skirt for a casual day at the office and paired with an infinite number of options for the weekend. I love how the material looks and feels. I was thrilled when I came across this Theory … Continue Reading →

What to Wear: Mid-Heel Pump + Classic DVF

High heels are amazing. Wearing them makes me feel tall, sleek and confident. As long as I can walk in them. There is nothing worse not being able to walk in your heels – it completely negates the benefits! How many times have you seen (or been!) a woman heading to lunch or walking to a … Continue Reading →

Travel Guide Hong Kong: What to Pack and Where to Go

As I mentioned here and here, I travel periodically to Asia for work. When I was first assigned to this region as part of my role, I was excited for the opportunity but had no idea what to expect.  To my delight, the hospitality, food, culture and beauty in each place I visited was amazing. … Continue Reading →

What to Wear: MM Lafleur

Working in finance, Sarah became so frustrated at the clothing options for women in the industry that she decided to start her own clothing company – MM Lafleur. My friend, an NYU grad student who recently heard Sarah speak, told me about the brand and I was instantly intrigued. I promptly visited the store online and purchased this dress. Sarah joined … Continue Reading →

What to Wear: to Work in Italy

Marzia works for the global real-estate company CBRE from their office in Modena, Italy – the birthplace of many amazing Italian exports, like balsamic vinegar and Ferrari! She is head of corporate marketing and works with clients from a variety of industries. She is currently working on a project designing the new headquarters in Milan for a technology company, … Continue Reading →

Staying Sharp on the Road: Snacks

As I mentioned here, food is incredibly important to me. If I don’t eat something every few hours, I become (at best) wilted and at worst (and more realistically) very cranky. Over time, I’ve come to learn that I must always, always, always have a good snack or two with me. In the office as well … Continue Reading →