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What to Wear: Microclimates

There are many microclimates around the Bay Area. It might be 90 degrees and sunny in Silicon Valley and 60 degrees and foggy in San Francisco just 30 minutes away. How to dress moving between the local weather is a topic of much discussion. Folks waiting for their buses to the big tech hubs shiver … Continue Reading →

The Style of Power

Getting dressed in the morning is something we all do. And, like it or not, the choices we make send a message. As women in the workplace, there is an especially tricky dynamic. We often want to look and feel good, while also showing that we are serious about what we are there to do. Talking … Continue Reading →

What to Wear: Urban Camouflage

I love watching women around me for ideas of how to put myself together better. In Hong Kong, women often wear fluid dresses (partly to cope with the heat!). Not too tight and with modest coverage, they conveyed sophistication and ease without sacrificing a bit of style or power. One of my favorite go-to looks for work is … Continue Reading →

Starting the Day Right: Power Breakfast

Good food is central to my life. Eating well makes me feel  happy and healthy – which makes me feel confident and powerful and ready to face the work day. My friend Melissa is one of the most amazing foodies I know. She shares my passion for eating well and cooks wonderful meals each day for her … Continue Reading →

Outlet Shopping: Successful Trip Tips

Outlet shopping for me is usually something done on the fly, driving between fun places like Las Vegas or San Diego. Sometimes I’ve ended up with a good piece or two, but generally it’s a mishmash of items that don’t get worn. A little planning can make a targeted outlet trip much more productive. Inspired … Continue Reading →

In Praise Of J Crew: Hong Kong Edit

You might notice that I wear at least one item from J Crew in almost all of my posts. I’ve loved the brand since adolescence – it worked for my life then much as it does now. Everyone has brands that work for their body/lifestyle and J Crew generally works for mine. I was thrilled … Continue Reading →

What to Wear: International Business Attire

The overall theme here is to wear clothing that represents you and your employer well while also being appropriate to the culture around you. For my work, I travel with some frequency to Asia. I’ll go from Beijing to Hong Kong to Singapore – there are important differences in climate and culture between these places. … Continue Reading →