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Staying Sharp on the Road: Exercise

My flight was delayed from Beijing to Hong Kong and I arrived to my hotel after midnight. At 6 am when my alarm went off, my bed must have been the most comfortable place in the world. But with a full day of meetings today and what are bound to be many tasty meals, I … Continue Reading →

Traveling for Work Pt 4: Beauty Tips for the Flight

Flying is one of the easiest ways to end up looking terrible. The dry environment, lack of sleep and change of time zones all work against you looking fresh. I swear the first year I was on this schedule of international trips, I aged more than in the previous three combined. Over time, I’ve developed … Continue Reading →

Traveling for Work Pt 3: What to Wear On the Plane

It’s tempting to want to throw on your yoga pants and a sweatshirt when facing 24+ hours of flying, but it’s really not a good idea. From being treated better by flight staff to being presentable if you run into people you know (yes, it happens – you’d be surprised!), looking somewhat put together is … Continue Reading →

Traveling for Work: Part 2 – Packing

As I mentioned here, I’m heading to Asia – Beijing, Hong Kong and Singapore – for work next week. Big trips like this take some extra planning, but the basic concepts are the same that I use traveling locally. I’ve gotten my routine down after many less-than-ideal trips! A few things that work for me: Great luggage … Continue Reading →

What to Wear: to Work in Summer

Looking polished for the office is a challenge under normal conditions and even more so in the heat of summer – makeup doesn’t stay where it should, tailored pieces wrinkle, hair gets frizzy…It’s *hot* in So Cal but, unlike here I didn’t get to dress casually. This linen t-shirt kept things cool while also being office-ready … Continue Reading →

What to Wear: to an Interview

For the most part, the days are gone when interviewing called for a basic black suit. As I mentioned here, depending on your geographic region and industry, wearing that standard suit will actually look inappropriate for the position and show a lack of cultural understanding on your part. So what to wear to an interview? … Continue Reading →

Traveling for Work: Part 1 – Philosophy

Next week I leave for a work trip to Asia. I’ll be posting a number of pieces throughout the process of preparation and life on the ground. Traveling internationally for work can be amazing – new places, new people, new foods, etc. Very cool. It can also be incredibly exhausting. From jet lag to foreign … Continue Reading →

My Mother the Entrepreneur

My mother worked outside the home in some capacity throughout my childhood. When my sister and I were small, she ran a floral and landscaping business from our home, using primarily flowers from her own beautiful garden. Even back when she was in college – before there were delivery options like Domino’s or late night snack … Continue Reading →

Morning Time-Savers

I realize this puts me in the minority, but I must admit: I love mornings. It is my favorite time of day – my husband says I literally wake up smiling. Even so, getting out the door for work in a timely manner is challenging. Here are a few favorite time-saving strategies that will help you … Continue Reading →

Casual Work Wear

  One of my most formative – and favorite – bosses was known for his disapproval of casual Friday culture. The office is the office, even on Friday! I am in full agreement with this concept and my work also tends to call for more formal attire. However, there are times when the environment is … Continue Reading →