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11 Questions from Miss May


Photos by Jenny Liu.

Last month Justine, creator of the blog Miss May, nominated me along with a handful of other bloggers to share a bit about who I am. I couldn’t have been more honored! This kind of connection – from the other side of the world, nonetheless, is exactly why I’m excited to have this blog. Thank you, Justine! I hope you all enjoy my responses to the questions she posed.

1. Why did you create your blog?
There are a lot of layers to this question for me – my very first post explains part of it here. In 2013, I ended up having to essentially quit my job. Twice – the first time they didn’t accept my resignation. In preparation to leave the second time, I googled ‘what to wear quitting your job’ and nothing satisfactory came up. That, coupled with the fact that magazines generally get the fashion portion all wrong for non-creative field work wear, had a lot to do with it. And I still need to post on what to wear when you leave your job! : ) Stay tuned.

2. What one beauty product has changed your life?

Osea Argan Oil ! I love the stuff. In my 30s, my skin started to become dull and dry. I use a whole host of products, but that one is tops for sure. Plus it’s natural and a reasonable price point, which is nice!

3. How would you describe your style?

Simple, elegant…like Victoria Beckham but in lower heels, a lower budget and smiling more.

4. What has been your favorite blog post so far and why?

That’s like asking me to choose among my children! I really loved one of my early posts on what to wear to an interview featuring my amazing friend Jenn. She’s worked in finance in NYC and in high tech in Silicon Valley, so she has a wealth of perspective to share. I really like writing about other people, so that was a fun aspect. When I started the blog I expected 1/3 to be interviews of women I admired, but it’s been hard to get them to agree to sharing their thoughts on fashion. Admitting interest in fashion is often viewed as frivolous, which is a stigma is like to help change.


MM.Lafleur dress, also seen here; Gap turtleneck, similar here.

5. Describe yourself in 3 words.
Cheerful, persistent…impatient! : )

6. Why do you enjoy blogging?
It gives me a sense of purpose and a connection to the world-at-large. About 18 months ago, I moved from Southern California to the Bay Area in Northern California and became a remote employee. Having a blog focused on work wear helps keep me connected to my job and greater community in numerous ways.

7. Apart from blogging, what are your hobbies?

I love love food. I had a catering company in high school and studied food and culture in Italy during college. I go to specialty food markets just to be around the foods – in fact, right before writing this, I was standing in San Francisco food Mecca Bi-Rite staring at beautiful things to eat. Being outside is very important to me, too. My husband says I need ‘hippie points’ each day – time outside ranks high, as does going to farmer’s markets and, of course, spending lots of time with Hugo and Doug, my wild dogs. Finally, connecting with special children in my life – my two nephews  and my goddaughter in particular – is incredibly important to me. Having children hasn’t worked out as expected for me, so building relationships with these little people means a lot.

8. In your blogging history what’s been your biggest accomplishment so far(something you are proud of)?

Just doing it. I’m really proud that I actually started the blog. It’s really easy to have ideas but it’s much more difficult to put them into action. Living in Silicon Valley, Calif., there is a very very strong culture of starting things – if you don’t have at least one side venture, you are missing out!


9. What are your fashion must-haves?

I’ve worn it over and over on the site, so it’s probably obvious, but a DVF wrap dress ranks quite high (see here, here, here and here). Black skinny jeans that feel appropriately casual for Silicon Valley meetings but that can take me to more formal meetings in the finance sector on San Francisco are key (Yael lists a great pair here), as is my black Theory Gabe blazer, seen here.

10. What did you want to be when you were a child?

A mother. I never expected to have a career, particularly not one that would bring me so much joy and satisfaction. I still hope to be a mother, though I am grateful that I have this other aspect in my life. Things more often than not don’t turn out how you expect, for better or worse!


11. Who/what inspires you?

In my day job, I meet with some truly remarkable people. I am constantly inspired by them – the fact that they are so busy but still manage to make time for philanthropy and learning…it is incredible. I’m also inspired by travels and experiencing new parts of the world. When I was young, I was quite a picky eater, but I loved to travel. My mother told me that it would be difficult to travel if I didn’t like a wide variety of foods – that changed everything for me! I now eat most things, which comes in handy in my current role. Experiencing new things is incredibly inspiring, even when they aren’t things I want to do again.


Photos by Jenny Liu.